Wesak Celebration 26th April 2021

Join us for a special meditation evening…

Eastern Spirituality mentions that The Buddha committed to return to the Earth every year to bless the world and to renew His energy for Mother Earth. This happens on the Full Moon on the Wesak. This year the Wesak falls on the full moon on April 26th.

We invite you to join Simon on this celebration for a very special meditation evening. Simon will guide you to join with the multitudes around the world in welcoming Buddha’s huge energetic download at Pinetum Gardens. The Wesak is considered the most auspicious and energetically powerful meditation of year.

The program starts at 7pm:

  • Welcome
  • Exercises
  • The story of the Wesak
  • Meditation instructions
  • Meditation on the Heartseeds
  • Interval
  • Meditation on the Archangels
  • End, around 9pm.

This celebration is freely given but donations would be very welcome.

Simon is a Kriya Yogi (The path of Energy) and has studied this path under several Masters over the last 16 years.

Pinetum Gardens

Learn more about the venue, Pinetum Gardens, here.


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