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If there is one thing that is constant in life, it is that the Earth is changing. Earth changes have been unfolding since the dawn of time, from tectonic plate shifts to asteroid impacts and cataclysmic volcanic activity. These changes have resulted in a diverse range of climatic conditions, transforming earth and sea levels. The changes have forged and influenced the flora and fauna of the planet and the evolution of life. Earth changes are nothing new.

You can see this in astonishing detail via this interactive map (to use the map: type where you live in the top-left corner and then select the time period from the top of the screen) – discover what it looked like millions of years ago, where you live – be amazed.

Our ancestors have survived and adapted to these momentous Earth changes from the cataclysmic volcanic eruptions of Toba in Sumatra 70,000 years ago that reduced the human population across the globe to an estimated 2-3,000 human beings, to the mini ice ages across the millennia. These ancestors evolving from the rift valley in East Africa are both tenacious and ingenious in equal measure. Collectively, they are our ancestors.

Across the globe, from indigenous cultures to up-to-date science, there is a unified agreement that changes are predicted. Traditional wisdom, from Native American wisdom keepers to Eastern spiritual masters, have for many years been saying that huge changes are predicted.

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report predicts that we have until 2030 to make the significant changes necessary to avert catastrophic climate change. Indeed, there are whole websites dedicated to sharing information regarding the scientific data, two notable ones being: and Moreover, Netflix recently collaborated with one of our most respected and beloved natural Historians, David Attenborough on a series which highlights the existing effects of climate change upon the natural world and the astounding data regarding the decimation of species in the past 50 years due to human activity.

There are no doubts, humankind is making a BIG impact!

At you can view a collection of computer models ranging from city growth to sea-level rise (for sea-level rise, based upon temperature increase, go to – it’s the last one in the Stories section).

So, the question is ‘knowing this, what do we do?’ We appreciate and understand that these overwhelming facts and figures about the earth changes happening just now and those forecasted predictions, evoke sometimes overwhelming feelings of terror, anger, guilt, grief, shame and fear. The imaginalCollective, aware of all these factors, are determined to evoke a spiritual and cultural revolution to create a beautiful future today, for all the childrens’ tomorrows. When we say a beautiful future, we mean a future in which we respect all of life and appreciate our relationship with nature, each other and our original nature. When we talk of the children’s tomorrows, we mean all of Earth’s children whether human, animal or plant. We are all Earthlings.

Let us put our minds together and see what life we can make for our children.”

Sitting Bull – Hunkpapa, Lakota Sioux

The )i( expresses our response to the earth changes in three ways

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The )i( offers guidance in the form of imaginalCatalyst sessions, specifically designed programmes and books, tools and other sources of inspiration to assist in this transformation.

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In these extraordinary times we are individually and collectively challenged to evoke the best of ourselves. In a quest to manifest this reality, it is sometimes wise to ask for guidance and to learn new skills and tools to make this possible.
Our inner world can be in an uncomfortable state of flux as the external world changes at an ever increasing pace. There is the potential to find oneself overwhelmed by states of fear, anger and grief. There is another way to navigate these powerful emotions and mental states, where peace and compassion become readily accessible. Perhaps you are aware of the environmental crisis facing humanity and want to do something about it but are not sure of exactly how you can contribute to making a positive difference. By embarking on a journey to discover your true purpose you can become clearer of what gifts you have to share and how to make your dreams a reality.


The )i( is offering the imaginal map as a digital portal to a visual global community, illuminating this growing awakening of people shining as beacons of light across the Earth. It is an opportunity to be seen, connect with others and evoke the collective power of our like-minded and wildly diverse human family.

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Across the Earth there are millions of extraordinary people who are clear of their purpose and who are actively putting into action a diversity of projects which have a common goal more in alignment with the natural world, embracing diversity and equality.

Pollinating is the joy of sharing vision and ideas which inspire others, shining a light on the potential beauty which can be created through individual and collective action. Pollinators share the nectar of their lives with each other


By placing yourself on the imaginal map and communicating with others locally and globally within the imaginal community, a greater understanding of the breadth and scope of the amazing projects around the world emerges. Rather than being isolated and in competition, we can have greater insights into who we might want to collaborate with and how we can create a beautiful future, today, for all the children’s tomorrows.

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