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website registration>

For a variety of reasons (including file downloads and becoming part of the imaginalCollective Community etc) you may need to register with the imaginalCollective website…

where is the registration link?>
the registration process>
  1. Complete the registration form fields (see explanations of each field below)
  2. click the create account button
  3. you will now be sent an activation email (this is an important security feature that helps us to validate your email address) to the email address you used (the subject will read: ‘Activate your account’)
    If you cannot find this email we have an FAQ dedicated to the activation process
  4. either click on the link in your email OR, carefully copy the entire url and paste it into your browser.
  5. once the page has opened in your browser, click on the Activate button
  6. you should now be registered – wohooo!
  7. Once you’ve registered
    • you’ll be given the option to login to the website – just use your email address (or username) and password that you registered with.
    • once logged in we recommend navigating to your ‘My Dashboard’ page which provides a useful checklist for setting up your account/profile (see the ‘My Dashboard’ section below).
profile fields required during registration>

email address: your email address is the primary way in which we contact you and is an essential means of identifying you as a community member – please ensure that this is entered correctly

first name, last name and nickname: all members, whether you are an individual, movement or organisation (see profile type below) are required to complete these fields. If you are an organisation you will be able to add additional fields, such as organisation name, to your profile once you have logged in (however please note that in some lists that appear (such as member invites etc) your first name and last name will currently be used here so we advise that you add names that do still identify your organisation etc). Both First Name and Last Name fields can be changed later from your profile.


  • is used to create your username which identifies your account and provides an optional alternative to your email address when logging in (note: this cannot be changed later!)
  • forms part of your unique web address for your community member profile that you can then share with others…
    (so the shorter and more succinct the better and again: this cannot be changed later!)
  • identifies you, and allows others to mention you etc, as an @handle in discussion threads, invites etc (eg. @my_nickname). Unlike the above two uses, when you make changes to this field on your profile it does change your @handle.
Nicknames have some inherent restrictions much like an email address. They are as follows:

* Must be unique.
* Cannot be empty.
* Only “a-z”, “0-9”, “-“, “_” and “.” are allowed.
* “-“, “_” and “.” cannot be repeated twice.
* Must be 3 characters minimum
* Must be 32 characters maximum

profile type describes what kind of member you are and can currently be: individual(is the default), business, organisation, movement or project. There are also other profile types for affiliated organisations but these need to be applied for by contacting us after registration.

Click here to view a current list of all the profile tags associated with member profile types.

I haven't received my activation email! >

'My Dashboard', your go-to place for setting up and managing your imaginal profile>

Once you have registered an account on the imaginalCollective website your ‘My Dashboard’ is the go-to place for managing your account and community profile. It provides a useful checklist that helps you to identify which components of your account/profile may require action.

How to find 'My Dashboard'>

The registration link can be found in the ‘user’ section of the main right-hand-side site menu (click on the icon comprised of three icons to open it – then click on the user icon above ‘main site map’).

If you are logged in it can also be found under your name, and Avatar, on the top website header bar.

To go to your dashboard now click here

community member profiles>

As well as the fields required for registration there are other profile fields that can be completed once you are registered and logged in…

Profile fields for organisations, projects, movements…

Depending on which profile type you have selected you will have access to further profile fields that are specific to describing that type.

As a minimum there will be a ‘name’ and ‘bio’ field available to describe the kind of profile you are holding …for example an Organisation Name and Bio fields for the ‘organisation’ profile type.

Generic Profile Fields

Location: when editing your profile you will see a My Visibility tab …in here are various fields (including your latitude and longitude fields) which need to be completed in order to be included on the imaginalMap and Community directories.

(see the FAQ, ‘how to enter your longitude and latitude’).

how to appear in the community member directories and searches>

Firstly: If you have registered but are not appearing in the community directories it may be that you have not ticked the Include me in the imaginal Community Directories checkbox on your profile.

  1. Tick the above checkbox from your member profile
    1. login from the left hand-side community menu select Me -> My Profile
    2. click the edit profile button
    3. select the My Visibility tab by clicking on it
    4. check the Include me in the imaginal Community Directories checkbox
    5. click Save Changes (important!)
  2. If you would like to be discovered by visitors and other iC members when they search for specific areas of interest you will need to update your Interest Areas – this is the same process as outlined below in the FAQ on how to appear on the iMap.
how to appear on the iMap>

To appear on the iMap you will first need to join the iC online Community and register as an iC member on this website. If you are already a member of an organisation affiliated with the iC you may still need to register on our site (please speak to your organisation's iC admin/moderator)

join now

You can learn about community membership here

If you are already a registered member...

enter your longitude and latitude>

You do this from your iC member profile:

  1. login
  2. go to left hand-side community menu
    • select Me -> My Profile
  3. click Edit Profile
  4. now select the Location tab by clicking on it
  5. click on the blue iMap button to open the iMap
  6. follow the instructions in the right-hand iMap options menu. If it is hidden you can reveal it by clicking on the Cog icon.
    • clicking on the tick icon (in the pop-up box on the map) closes the map and automatically completes your latitude and longitude fields.
  7. click Save Changes on your profile page (important!)

refine your presence using interest areas>

Fine tune how people find you on the imaginal Map (iMap) by completing your interest areas - also accessed via your members profile.

  1. login
  2. go to left hand-side community menu
    • select Me -> My Profile
  3. now select the interest areas tab by clicking on it
  4. click the edit interests button
  5. next to each interest area, that you want to appear on the map for, click the map icon so that it is now highlighted.
  6. when you have finished your selection click on submit changes (at the bottom of the page)
  7. will now appear on the map when it is filtered for any interest area you have selected the map icon for. You will also appear in the members directory if you have checked that option (see how to appear in the community member directories and searches? FAQ).


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