iCatalyst sessions

…facilitated by imaginal Catalysts

iCatalyst sessions are facilitated by imaginal Catalysts.

iCatalyst sessions are opportunities to be with your own iCatalyst coach in order to help you start your own quest to address the Earth Changes. An iCatalyst coach will help you review your own inner landscape to prepare yourself for your contribution towards the emerging paradigm.

An imaginal Catalyst creates a safe container, or Cocoon if you will, encouraging an individual or organisation to activate their innate imaginal cells (which inform their imaginal intelligence) and become a Pollinator.

“A calalyst = a temporary architecture that enables new realities to emerge.”

Jonathan Gosling, Emeritus Professor of Leadership Studies at the University of Exeter, UK

The Catalyst works with the current situation presented to them in order to support the transformation of past issues as well as creating the right conditions to help reveal and realise life purpose. Rooted in the wisdom of nature, a session may include tools associated with coaching and mentoring, counselling, psychotherapy, physical therapy and shamanic practice. Using a natural compass rooted in the ancient wisdom of Eastern and Western disciplines, a Catalyst helps to navigate a way forward to promote the metamorphosis to whatever destination is needed …a Sat-Nav for the Soul.

“Maybe you have questions or don’t know if you should be doing something else with your life than what you’re doing. Maybe something painful occurred and you’ve closed yourself off or don’t trust. I’ve had all of this and what I can say is I’m not the same person now, a mere 4 months later, that I was when I started this journey.”

Lisa (catalyst session participant)

An imaginal Catalyst takes you on a journey to meet the shimmering brilliance of your true nature!

We offer both personal and/or organisational sessions…

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