who are we?

meet the imaginal team…

imaginal Council

At the heart of the imaginal Collective is the imaginal Council – an earth wisdom inspired decision making structure that will guide the imaginal Collective as it unfolds.

Our current council members are…

Richard Good

June McGuire

Simon Nowell

Antony Cholerton

Lorna Tremayne

Carlos Glover

Sue Milner

imaginal Elders

Supporting the Council will be a body of ‘Elders’ – a group of highly respected non-executive members who’s wealth of experience and insight will be drawn upon by Council members.

This growing pool of wisdom includes…

Dr Tony Kendle

Dr Tony Kendle was a senior director of the Eden Project, UK for many years – literally creating the fertile ground for the diverse agriculture to flourish and whose innovative thinking and keen intuition helped steer a path to its success and global reputation.

(Full bio coming soon)

Kate Hands

Kate Hands is the founder of the Lostwithiel Complementary Health clinic in Cornwall where she shares her immeasurable skill as a Cranial Osteopath. She also dedicates her time to working with healers from around the world creating a network of connection, dedicated to the wellbeing of all life.

(Full bio coming soon)

Bill Alexander

Bill Alexander, a former Director at the Eden Project, UK and Capital Projects Director at the Millennium Commission (1996-2007) has recently accepted the role of imaginalCollective Elder

(Full bio coming soon)

Lawrence Bloom

Secretary general of Be Earth Foundation (a UN inter-governmental organisation)

Chairman of Be Energy

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imaginal Collective Members

Members of the imaginal Collective will range from iCatalysts, Pollinators and Collaborators to inspired individuals and groups who support the vision of the imaginal Collective.

Many members will be accessible from our interactive imaginal Map which can be found here.

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