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Our global online community forms the backbone of how we support individuals, groups and communities connect and collaborate with one another.

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Local communities are groups of individuals, living within a local geographical area (could be urban or rural) who resonate with the vision and being states of the imaginalCollective.

)i( Intentional Community…

A global network of intentional communities, including imaginal intentional communities that are grounded in our )i( vision, being states and other essential core community structures.

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We’re supporting the creation of a global online community of free thinking, compassionate human beings who share the courage to create a beautiful future today, for all the children’s tomorrows.

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On one level it’s really quite simple – it’s to become part of a global online community of free thinking, compassionate human beings who share the courage to create a beautiful future today, for all the children’s tomorrows.

If this resonates with you please join us and register now

Registering (using the above button) on our virtual community is the first step towards all aspects of the imaginal collective community, including developing your profile, connecting with others and joining in the various conversations and collaborations.

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  • personalised profile page
  • appear on the imaginalMap (optional)
  • find members by areas of interest and expertise
  • connect and message with other members
  • join discussion groups in your areas of interest
  • and much more in the pipeline…


groups and organisations

We offer a range of facilities for groups (such as projects, movements and organisations)…

  • profile page
  • manage your organisation’s own membership via our platform
  • display your members on the imaginalMap (a personalised map of your members can also be included in your website)
  • connect with and message your members
  • create discussion groups for your members (both private and public)
  • discover events, local and global, that you are interested in
  • and more…


community faqs

What is expected of members?

Becoming a member of the imaginalCollective does not obligate you to do anything other than place yourself on the imaginal map and the community directory and to be in agreement with our )i( Community Agreement.

Yes, on becoming a member you are invited to get involved as much as possible with )i( activities (such as community discussions) but these are purely optional.

Our primary vision is that we are able to view one another as one beautiful human family – one that desires a more life-affirming reality for our future generations.

Does it cost anything to join?

No. In alignment with how we see the unfolding evolution of humanity (towards what we refer to as the butterfly paradigm) we do not charge for membership.

We are endeavouring to embrace the ethic of the ‘gift economy’ and are open to receiving donations, or gifts, in order to fund this growing movement.

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Can anyone join?

Yes, any individual, group or organisation who holds an intention that resonates with our mission statement and is in agreement to conduct themselves in accordance with our )i( Community Agreement can join.

Why Join?

In these extraordinary times of uncertainty, of separation and isolation, this is an opportunity to feel the power of connectedness and community. An opportunity to unite to co-create a diverse community of people who can imagine a positive future born of love and joy. Despite the dangers that surround us, despite the narratives that confound us, we feel that universal draw to connect with others in the shared vision of peace and love that we know must be possible. Much of the time we feel so alone in that vision that the aloneness can lead to discontent and despair. This is an opportunity to see yourself amongst other like-minded people, groups and organisations and to place yourself in this community, on a map; to state that a more joyful and loving future is possible and that I am joining with my brothers and sisters all around this beautiful planet and pledging my service and support to this joyous future.

We use the metaphor of the caterpillar turning into a butterfly often here. The process starts with the appearance of imaginal cells and the change only truly gets underway when the imaginal cells start communicating and clustering. You are already an imaginal cell for humanity – the magic really starts to happen when you connect with other imaginal cells. The imaginalCollective recognises this need for global community. We recognise that by finding each other and coming together we are able to achieve more whilst also being in a loving, supportive and connected environment. We have designed the imaginalMap specifically so you that you can realise that you’re not alone – there is a huge community of beautiful people who feel as you do and they are closer to you than you think! If you have something specific in mind you can also contact them. You have already achieved much for yourself and your community, how much more can you achieve with the help of a few soul brothers and sisters?

We cannot become One until we know we are One!



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