Profile Types & Tags

Below is a list of descriptive tags that are available to the following Profile Types:

Individual | Business | Project | Organisation | Movement

This may be helpful to you in choosing which Profile Type to use when registering. However, if you cannot find the desired Tag for the most appropriate Profile Type for you, please do contact us via our contact form or using our LiveChat Support. We will also be adding new specialist profile fields that list therapists and retail outlets for example. Again, if you have suggestions for these please do let us know.

all typesindividualsbusinessescommunitiesprojectsorganisationsmovements
    activism (0) (projects)
    agricultural (0) (movements)
    art (0) (projects)
    artist (7) (individuals)
    band (1) (projects)
    big house (0) (communities)
    blogger (2) (individuals)
    builder (2) (individuals)
    business owner (6) (individuals)
    charity (0) (businesses, projects, organisations)
    choir (0) (projects)
    co-housing (0) (communities)
    coach (8) (individuals)
    coder / developer (1) (individuals)
    community (1) (movements)
    community - intentional (2) (communities, projects)
    community - local (0) (communities, projects)
    community - virtual (0) (projects)
    composer (0) (individuals)
    cultural (1) (movements)
    dreamer (15) (individuals)
    engineer (0) (individuals)
    environmental (6) (businesses, communities, projects, organisations, movements)
    ethical (5) (businesses, communities, projects, organisations, movements)
    facilitator (10) (individuals)
    financial (0) (organisations, movements)
    gardener (3) (individuals)
    grower (7) (individuals)
    guide (12) (individuals)
    healer (6) (individuals)
    health and wellbeing (7) (individuals, businesses, projects, organisations, movements)
    humanitarian (2) (projects, organisations, movements)
    leader (9) (individuals)
    legal (0) (projects, organisations, movements)
    low impact living (0) (communities)
    music (1) (businesses, projects)
    musician (5) (individuals)
    non profit (0) (organisations)
    performing arts (2) (projects, organisations, movements)
    philanthropist (2) (individuals)
    poet (5) (individuals)
    political (0) (movements)
    retail outlet (1) (businesses)
    seeding group (0) (communities)
    social enterprise (0) (organisations)
    solo artist (0) (projects)
    songwriter (3) (individuals)
    spiritual (22) (individuals, businesses, communities, projects, organisations, movements)
    student (6) (individuals)
    teacher (8) (individuals)
    therapist (6) (individuals)
    therapy centre (1) (businesses)
    training (3) (businesses, communities, projects)
    urban (0) (communities)
    venue (3) (businesses, communities)
    voluntary (0) (businesses, projects)
    writer (6) (individuals)

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