the imaginal compass

The imaginal Compass is a structure used by the imaginalCollective that draws upon indigenous, Earth-aligned, wisdom. Not only is it used as a teaching aid (as a compass for navigating the sometimes challenging map of Life) but also at it’s heart, embedded within the butterfly, are the core values (a state of being) that guide the imaginal Collective.

For those viewing on small screens the values are: Unity (centre), Love, Joy, Beauty and Peace. The antennae that guide and provide context for these values are: Mother Earth and Consciousness.

Other key qualities (represented by the coloured symbols) that support and inform this core state of being include (and are not limited to) imagination, freedom, true presence, appreciation, trust, diversity, the ability to transcend ego and respond to life, focus, strictness, self-care, compassion, cyclical awareness and flow sensitvity, clarity of mind, the ability to act from the heart, non-judgement, integrity

…life is both complex and challenging, finding a balance that both supports and encourages love and joy requires work – the imaginal compass can help guide the way!

We are offering imaginal compass retreats (currently in virtual form) …find out more here.


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