)i( Global Community…

Our global online community forms the backbone of how we support individuals, groups and communities connect and collaborate with one another.

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)i( Local Community…

Local communities are groups of individuals, living within a local geographical area (could be urban or rural) who resonate with the vision and being states of the imaginalCollective.

)i( Intentional Community…

A global network of intentional communities, including imaginal intentional communities that are grounded in our )i( vision, being states and other essential core community structures.

)i( Community Overview…

We’re supporting the creation of a global online community of free thinking, compassionate human beings who share the courage to create a beautiful future today, for all the children’s tomorrows.

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Please note that this is a very early stage working document.

community | intentional community | structures…

By structures we mean…

  • Shared Vision & Purpose
  • Core Values
  • Tools & Protocols to support both the attainment/alignment and maintenance of the above, both for individuals and the wider community group.
  • Agreements: member agreement with all of the above (and to implement and honour any agreements) is essential for healthy community living.

As a society we often associate agreements with rules and with restriction and loss of freedom. For us, agreements are about stepping into alignment with self-responsibility and actually allowing for a fuller, more sustainable expression of freedom.

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The rough structure of an )i( intentional community as we currently see it…

Vision & Purpose

To create intentional community, embracing the highest values, where humans, and all forms of life, can truly thrive …yes, survival is a component but thrival is the goal.

To create a beautiful future today, for all the children’s tomorrows

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Guiding Principles

Mother Earth, Consciousness and the Children’s Fire

Individually taking responsibility to raise our conscious awareness whilst (and through) living in ‘right’-relationship with the natural world.

The Children’s Fire reminds us to implement seven-generational thinking in all that we do, for all our relations (animal, mineral, plant and human alike).

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Being States 

These are five high-level states of being that members of the )i( strive to both attain and maintain within the Self. They are our closest approximation of attaining oneness in this dualistic reality and are foundational in informing all aspects of the )i( and )i( Community.

They are Unity, Love, Joy, Peace and Beauty.

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Member Attitudes (this is a working title!)

These attitudes are important in enabling us to attain the being states.

self-authorship / self-responsibility ● self-discipline / dedication ● non-judgement ● inclusivity and compassion for all life ● seven generational thinking ● and more…

Agreements, Tools & Protocols

  • Commitment to pragmatic personal daily/ongoing practice: mind, body, spirit, emotions
  • Commitment to community building tools such as: 
  •   sharing circles  |  Circle of Foxes  |  NVC |  conflict resolution / Relationship Council  |  Loving Challenge
  • an agreed joining strategy
  • an agreed exit strategy  
  • and more…

Skill Sets

A whole range of skill sets from veg growers to carpenters, healers to ironmongers…

One idea that has been offered is the potential for larger communities (or networked community groups) of up to 150 members in order to cover the key skills required?

Resources (Members / Community)

Land, money, physical tools & structures….

Communal Living 

coming soon…

The Council & Situational Leadership 

We suggest that communities will be governed using the old, tribal way of the Council.

coming soon…

Other Concepts…

Gift Economy / No Money

The goal is to seed communities that are able to transition towards no money: where interactions are based upon a mindset of abundance.

more on this coming soon…


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