)i( presents a Cultural Kaleidoscope at Pinetum Gardens, St Austell…

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imaginalCollective is inviting you to a Cultural Kaleidoscope: a diverse programme promoting wellbeing through spirituality, nature and art. We are offering three inspiring events where you will be able to enjoy a rich tapestry of activities including meditation, facilitated nature walks, art, live music and movement.

After the recent times of restriction and isolation this is an opportunity to remember our appreciation of nature and the healing power of being together.

Pinetum Gardens is a hidden gem in St Austell which holds a powerful secret. In 2019 a Taoist Master, Christoper Chuang, pinpointed an energy centre which harmonizes the energy flow between sky and earth. It creates a special field of energy which benefits the body, mind and spirit. It is called a Chi Column and is connected to a series of power spots across the Earth.

Working in collaboration with Chang, the owner of Pinetum Gardens, we are committed to co-creating a community which holds Love, Joy, Peace, Beauty and Unity at it’s core (the imaginalCollective Being States).


  • Sat 26th Jun (evening) | Sun 27th Jun (all day)
  • Sat 24th Jul (evening) | Sun 25th Jul (all day)
  • Sat 28th Aug (evening) | Sun 29th Aug (all day)

Saturday evenings: 6pm – 9:30pm
Sunday days: 10am – 4pm

Price and Booking

Saturday evenings (6pm – 9:30pm): £10
Sunday days (10am – 4pm): £15 (includes free entry to Pinetum Gardens)

Pinetum Gardens

Visit the Pinetum Gardens website here

Directions and contact details…

Pinetum Gardens
Holmbush Rd, Holmbush,
Saint Austell PL25 3RQ

You can find Pinetum’s contact details and a map for directions here

full programme of events coming soon…


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