FAQs: The E-book, Change

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download formats>

Change can currently be downloaded as PDF and EPUB…

  • EPUB – an e-book format that tends to offer a better reading experience than PDFs
    • on IOS the iBooks app can read this.
    • on Android we have tested the ReadEra app (available from the Google play store).
  • PDF – a universal format that can be read on most devices. The challenge with mobile devices is that some Apps are unable to change the font size and render it very small. For Android we have discovered an app called Foxit PDF (available from the Google play store) .
    • TIP: once installed, choose the ‘Reflow’ option – you can then increase/decrease the font size to your preference.

how to download Change>
  1. On the Change page click on the relevant [download] link (see the above FAQ on available file formats) – this will initiate the download if you are already logged in.
  2. If you are not already logged in then the above step will display the following download methods (click on your preferred option)…
    • Log me in: for those who have already registered with the imaginalCollective
    • Register: with the imaginalCollective website (see this faq for more info on how to register) and then click Log me in, as above.
    • Quick Download: simply provide your email address and then click on the ‘continue with download’ button.
  3. Once you have downloaded Change to your device simply find it in the App of your choice – if you do not already have one you will need to download and install one – again, see the above FAQ for our suggestions on this.

tip: you can always find the register/login links in the left-hand community menu which is available on most pages of this website.

after downloading Change>

Once you’ve downloaded Change there are a few ways in which you can interact with the imaginalCollective further…

  1. If you haven’t already, Register with the imaginalCollective website. (see this faq for more info on how to register)
  2. Update your member profile – including your photo
  3. Complete your interest areas from your profile (even if to just state that you are not interested!)
  4. Join the discussion …you can join our Change discussion group to both stay up to date with latest news and updates and join in with various discussions about the book.

You can access the login link, your profile, interest areas and community activity all via the left-hand community menu.


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