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Our global online community forms the backbone of how we support individuals, groups and communities connect and collaborate with one another.

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)i( Local Community…

Local communities are groups of individuals, living within a local geographical area (could be urban or rural) who resonate with the vision and being states of the imaginalCollective.

)i( Intentional Community…

A global network of intentional communities, including imaginal intentional communities that are grounded in our )i( vision, being states and other essential core community structures.

)i( Community Overview…

We’re supporting the creation of a global online community of free thinking, compassionate human beings who share the courage to create a beautiful future today, for all the children’s tomorrows.

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Our global online community forms the backbone of how we support individuals and groups connect and collaborate with one another. This includes existing members of local/intentional communities world-wide, those who are seeking to start or join a community or those who are simply inspiring positive change, either as individuals and/or groups.

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