Registration: Account Activation

For security reasons, upon registration you will need to activate your registered account so that our website can confirm that you are indeed the account holder. By default you will automatically be sent an activation email (see below), however you can instead choose to send yourself an activation code via your phone (please note that once you choose to text yourself an activation code, your email code will become obsolete, and we therefore recommend that you at least check that you have received the activation email at some point).

It is important that we work together in resolving any issues you encounter receiving your activation email from us otherwise it is highly likely you will miss important information regarding your account/membership …as well as other useful information that you may subscribe to whilst using the website.

activation by email (default/recommended method)>

Registration: Activation emails

Upon registration you should receive an activation email, however, there are a number of scenarios that may result in you not finding your activation email – from entering your email incorrectly on the registration form to the very rare occasion where it is not, due to evil internet gremlins, even sent to you.

I didn’t receive my activation email!

  • first, please check your mail software’s spam/junk mail folders thoroughly. If your activation email has found it’s way into your spam/junk folder please mark it as not spam/junk and/or add it to your mail client’s whitelist. There are many online articles that can help you do this for your email client – an email client is the software/app you use to send & receive your email (gmail, outlook, thunderbird etc).

    If you do find your activation email…
    1. Click on the activation link in your email and follow the process from there.
    2. Or, go to go to the account activation page, click the ‘use activation code’ button and manually copy/paste the code from your email.

  • secondly, you will need to contact us, via our contact form or via our Live Chat (you will find the icon in the bottom-right corner of the contact page and all our iC FAQ pages – including this page), using the email address you registered with.
    • upon contact, and proof of your email address, we will manually activate your account so that you can continue using our website. A generic copy of the activation email for you to use in the meantime is also included below.

  • thirdly, it is also possible to have an activation code sent to you via your mobile phone – this will enable you to quickly activate your account and start using our website. However, we strongly recommend that you resolve your email issue (please see opening text on this page).

The activation email…

Thank you for registering with the imaginalCollective!

To complete the activation of your account simply click on the following link: xxxx

Also, a useful link for when returning to the imaginalCollective website…

Your )i( Dashboard… https://…/community/my-dashboard/

From your dashboard you can access various quick links and a helpful checklist to guide you through the setup of your imaginalCollective Profile.

(you must have already activated your account in order to access your dashboard)

If you need help at any point please do contact us via…


Kind regards,

The imaginalCollective Team

activation using your phone>

Registration: using your phone

If you are unable to receive an activation email and/or you would prefer to be sent an activation code via SMS to your phone…

  • go to
  • click the ‘text me an activation code’ button
  • enter the email address that you registered with and an international, E.164 format, mobile telephone number (see below for how to structure your E.164 format phone number).
  • click the ‘get code…’ button

E.164 international phone number format...>


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