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Our global online community forms the backbone of how we support individuals, groups and communities connect and collaborate with one another.

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Local communities are groups of individuals, living within a local geographical area (could be urban or rural) who resonate with the vision and being states of the imaginalCollective.

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A global network of intentional communities, including imaginal intentional communities that are grounded in our )i( vision, being states and other essential core community structures.

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We’re supporting the creation of a global online community of free thinking, compassionate human beings who share the courage to create a beautiful future today, for all the children’s tomorrows.

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We plan to build an intentional community, perhaps several. This section of the website is both for designing these new communities and, for supporting connection and discussion between existing intentional communities (whether they are imaginal )i( intentional communities or not) world-wide. 

What is Intentional Community?

intentional community: a community designed and planned around a social ideal or collective values and interests, often involving shared resources and responsibilities


What is an imaginal )i( Intentional Community?

Regarding our own )i( intentional communities, we are starting from scratch and imagining what communities of the future will look like without fossil fuels whilst being completely self-sufficient.

They will, we hope, become sanctuaries around the planet where the already emerging next phase of humanity can co-exist in a peaceful, sustainable and democratic manner …in harmony with the Earth and all of Life. Yes, these may become safety nets, places where we can survive worst-case scenarios, including societal collapse and the full fury of Earth Changes, but the goal here is most definitely to thrive …we are seeking thrival for humanity, not merely fear-based survival.

Ok, so let’s get specific, but not too specific as, though we may be holding this container, and holding a level of insight regarding aspects of healthy intentional community, we most certainly do not hold all the answers. We are both opening and holding this conversation …a conversation that we hope you will a) resonate with and b) if so, join in with us.

What is a healthy intentional Community (from our perspective)?

There are many intentional communities world wide but surprisingly few who implement the necessary structures for resilient and sustainable human relationship. The upshot of this is some deeply uncomfortable and unsustainable living conditions.

From our perspective, true resilience is primarily dependent upon the quality of human relationships …on all levels: 

  • an individual’s relationship with the Self: this is paramount as taking responsibility for knowing your Self, and for your thoughts words and actions is essential for community living.
  • inter-personal relationships and the overall group dynamic
  • the relationship between both individuals, and the group, with the natural world.

Anyone within reason (with the resources) can purchase some land, build upon it and then begin to grow/raise food on it. However, to live in an intimate, co-operative/co-creative and harmonious relationship with other human beings, and to sustain this over a period of time, is an entirely different endeavour – especially when put under the pressures of daily living in this, let’s face it, increasingly self-destructive and divisive world.

So for us it’s human resilience (due to it’s core structural integrity: shared vision, values, dedication to self-responsibility etc) that is the most important factor when forming an intentional community …other resources (such as land, physical structures, food etc) are then more easily obtained and maintained.


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