)i( Global Community…

Our global online community forms the backbone of how we support individuals, groups and communities connect and collaborate with one another.

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)i( Local Community…

Local communities are groups of individuals, living within a local geographical area (could be urban or rural) who resonate with the vision and being states of the imaginalCollective.

)i( Intentional Community…

A global network of intentional communities, including imaginal intentional communities that are grounded in our )i( vision, being states and other essential core community structures.

)i( Community Overview…

We’re supporting the creation of a global online community of free thinking, compassionate human beings who share the courage to create a beautiful future today, for all the children’s tomorrows.

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Who is an imaginal )i( intentional community for? 

The intention to live in an )i( community is a high bar indeed! This is not a brandishing of superiority but a pragmatic consideration …a calling to those who truly resonate with such a high vision of shared Love and Beauty and a strong personal commitment/dedication to self-growth and co-operative living. Living with others will always, at times, be a challenge …that is simply the nature of the human journey. However, it IS possible to mitigate these challenges and bring them to a point of balance where a healthy, joyful living environment is achieved and yet also an environment where we can test our edges in order to grow.

The pathway to )i( intentional community…

  1. The first step is to research our raison d’etre and see if you find yourself resonating with what we are breathing into the world.

  2. Next, join the conversation…

    • register an account with the imaginalCollective (and setup your profile using your Dashboard)

    • apply to join our imaginalCommunity Membership Group (it’s a simple click to join …use the Memberships section of your Dashboard)

  3. At some point on your community journey, and when a particular intentional community project has progressed to the point where it needs to form a core group of members, you may want to put yourself forward as a candidate. You will need to be able to demonstrate, in some way (yet to be determined), your commitment to our founding values and agreements and the capacity to follow through on these. If you’re not fully ‘there’ yet don’t worry, we will be running a range of collaborative, virtual and on-location events to support us all on this journey. Also, we’re not looking for perfection …not sure that exists in this realm anyway 😉

join the discussion…

In order to join the discussion you will first need to register as an )i( member and join our imaginalCommunity Membership Group (see above). On joining you will automatically be added to the main overarching community discussion group.

If you’re already a member and are logged in you can visit the group here…

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