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Below are all the components available to an imaginalCollective member.
This checklist helps you to identify which components may require action, but of course depends upon your planned level of involvement with the iC. For example, if you have registered in order to download a resource but do not wish to appear as a member in our Community directories then you probably don't need to complete anything else here!

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In our hearts we see a future where there is no need for money - a gift economy. We strive to be that change and much that we do online, including some of our events, are our gift to the world. Unfortunately that world is still just an idea and we do need funds to continue our work in the meantime.

With regards to donations, or gifts, we operate from a place of trust in alignment with our core values and our become one by gifting one policy. We therefore do not keep tabs on who has and who hasn't donated whilst highly encouraging you to do so - it is our sole means of meeting the costs involved with running our organisation and this complex website.

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