Our beta test version of the imaginalPortal is now ready for first contact!

The Portal

The imaginal Portal is a global online space where the growing community of imaginal cells (using the metaphor of imaginal cells of a pupating butterfly to represent all those individuals and groups who want to bring forth a brighter future today for all our children ‘s tomorrows) can come together, find one another and begin collaboration and co-creation of a brighter tomorrow….

This first, beta phase has started the process of combining existing community-based aspects of the imaginalCollective website onto one app-like page, called the imaginal Portal, whilst also introducing many new features including…

  • Networks
  • Range of Post Types
  • Member and content interactions

Get involved…

Anybody can visit the Portal and start browsing content that has been posted ‘publicly’ by active imaginalCollective members. As well as browsing content you can also search for members of the platform.

Please be patient with both us and the platform …this is a beta test version, together we can make this an awesome space for community building moving into the coming paradigm.

We value, and need, your feedback…

This is a beta test version and we absolutely need and welcome your feedback so please DO get in touch with any bugs you experience, niggles and suggestions regarding usability and potential future features …thank you

<< contact link >>

We will be creating some basic tutorial videos for the Portal soon.

Membership & Subscriptions

We need people to become members and actively contribute and interact with the portal and it’s community.

Road Map

Here we will endeavour to keep you abreast with latest developments, future features and planned roll outs.

Coming soon…


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