Dreaming Peace

Dreaming Peace

Join us for this one-hour zoom ceremony of dreaming  peace for our world!

Thursday 21st December – the deep darkness of Midwinter is an ideal time for dreaming. We’re inviting people from all over the world to join us, and we’ve chosen the time of 2.00pm to 3.00pm UK time to make it easy for people from East and West (as well as North and South) to join in.

What do we mean, ‘dreaming’?  Our inner state of consciousness is constantly affecting the world around us. Our thoughts and feelings (as well as our words and actions) are influencing the flow of energy and helping to shape the future.

This is because we live in a vast ocean of energy-consciousness in which all things are interrelated. We are generating ripples and waves in this ocean and shaping our experience, both while we’re awake and asleep.

What do we mean, ‘peace’? When we come into a loving state of consciousness we generate powerful peaceful ripples. ‘Peace’ means being at home and at ease within and helping to draw others into this expanded loving state. This has an effect, even if it’s subtle, on places where we hear of war and killing taking place. Peace in ourselves leads to peace with other people, places and planet.

Who is organizing and holding this zoom-ceremony? It’s organized by the Imaginal Collective, an organization dedicated to transforming our way of life and consciousness. The ceremony is being planned and held by specifically by people who’ve studied and trained with a body of ancient Earth Wisdom which includes teachings on ‘dreaming’ – specifically June McGuire, Richard Good, Carlos Philip Glover and Lorna Tremayne. 

What’s going to happen during the call? The dream is that people from many continents will join, and together we’ll generate a powerful ‘field’ of energy and atmosphere of respect for self, life and others. The ceremony organizers will help to evoke this state of consciousness and awaken our sense of relationship with all of Life. There’ll be time to dream for our own life as well as to focus attention on people or situations to which we’d like to send energy. We’ll also have the opportunity to share in small groups in breakout rooms. 

At the end of the hour we’ll continue to go about our lives, knowing our connections as dreamers across the planet and carrying the dreamseeds we’ve planted on the zoom-call through the midwinter season and into 2024.

Is there a cost?  There is no financial charge for the ceremony but people are welcome to donate to support the work of the Imaginal Collective.

To register for this Zoom event simply click here.


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