CFM Fire Events 2022

for our future generations

21st December 2022 (Winter Solstice)

Light your own Children’s Fire

This year the Children’s Fire Movement (CFM) is asking those who care about the continuation of life and our children’s futures to light a Children’s Fire for the Winter Solstice on the 21st December 2022. This can simply be a candle in your own private space or a fire that’s woven into a public event.

What is the Children’s Fire?

The children’s fire is an ancient, yet highly relevant, concept that was carried by indigenous wisdom keepers of the Americas. It’s a key component of a wisdom system that enabled our ancestors to live in balance and harmony with the natural world for thousands of years. It prioritised the reverence of all of Life and assisted them in safeguarding what was most dear to them…their children and the next seven generations, ultimately, us!

To light a children’s fire is a profound act, both as a reminder and an agreement, to put the continuation of Life (in all its diversity) and the well-being of our future generations FIRST …before profit, power or personal ambition.

An inspirational presentation of the Children’s Fire by Tim ‘Mac’ Macartney.

A global community that cares about our future generations.

When you light a children’s fire, be it a candle in your own home, or a public fire as part of a broader ceremony or celebration, you’ll be joining in with a global community of like-minded individuals and groups who are collectively coming together around a deep respect for life on our beautiful planet Earth.

The purpose of this event is twofold…

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1) To help rekindle the Children's Fire and future generational thinking in a world where humanity seems to have lost it's way>

inspire others by displaying your event on the global map

( whether it’s a private closed event or open to the public )

We’d really appreciate it if you could let us add your event to our network on the imaginal Portal, which in turn will be displayed on the global imaginal map. This will not only help to bring awareness to the Children’s Fire and inspire others to get involved but is also an inspiring thing in itself …to see the many other like-minds around the planet who share this life-affirming perspective 😀.

a mock-up of how your Children’s Fire Events will appear on the global imaginal map (public events have the dashed blue borders)

We’ll be posting a link to the fire-events map soon once we have a few signed up and displayed. In the meantime, to give you a flavour, here is a live link to the same imaginal map displaying imaginalCollective members .

view the global interactive map

2) To seed a global network of discussion groups (with the intention of forming local and intentional communities) around a deep caring for life and our future generations>

a global network of networks and community groups

We live in a world that’s rapidly becoming fragmented (through fear, judgement and division), where even the forward thinking groups that want to create a brighter future (which are increasingly emerging world-wide) are forming their own networks, in isolation.

We strongly feel that there is a need for these emerging community groups to form in relationship, not only with the natural world, but also with one another …a global network of networks and community groups. This is just one of the reasons why we are using the imaginalCollective’s community Portal (a fully functional, and highly searchable, social platform which has a built-in interactive global map).

view the global interactive map

so, why not join the conversations …and the community?

We will be creating a series of networks for both community and fire event related discussions.

We’d love to hear from you… whether you are part of an existing community, would like to seed the nucleus of a potential intentional community or would like to connect with people regarding how to introduce more community-connection in your local area.

We’re also creating a more private network dedicated to continuing the conversation opened up during our Fire Events (of how to leave a brighter legacy for our children and all of life?). We’d also love this question to be addressed regarding it’s implementation in local and intentional communities.

Just let us know when you get in touch via the form below that you are interested in these discussions and include any comments in the ‘additional information’ section.

Learn more about the imaginalCollective's online community Portal>

This winter we are relaunching the CFM on the imaginalCollective’s community platform (or Portal as it is called) that has been developed by some of the members of the CFM. The platform is an ethical alternative to the gamut of mainstream social platforms and offers a safe space that….

  • promotes freedom of speech, non-violent communication and self-responsibility
  • is advertising free and does not scrape, use or sell your online activity data (hence we rely on charging and donations)
  • is a global network of networks, which embraces the imaginalCollective’s core being state of unity. (networks can have many sub-networks, all of which can be private, public or a blend of both).

The cost of joining via the CFM is both discounted and donation based (with a starting point of just £3 for the year). We do need to charge (for reasons stated above) as we have extensive and ongoing development costs that need to be covered.

Already have your own plans?

Perfect! The Children’s Fire on one level is such a simple concept that weaving it into any existing plans you may have will be easy.

You needn’t wait for the Solstice either!

You can light a Children’s Fire any day – or every day (lighting a candle at meal times or as part of a daily practice for example). And… it also feels good to know that on a specific date you’re joining other like-minded people in making a collective commitment to leave a brighter legacy for our future generations.

Can anyone attend?

Yes! It’s called the “Children’s” Fire but it’s actually talking to all of us (whether you have children of your own or not) – of how we can co-create a brighter legacy for all of life.

How to proceed…

1) Bookmark this page!

2) Apply using our Event Registration Form>

Rather than including lots of instructional information here regarding how to join the platform and display your event, you can simply complete the form below and we’ll create your Profile and Event for you 😊 We’ll then send you more information regarding the event and possible content over your way. Once we have set you all up you can also then gift us to help us cover our costs (minimum £3 GBP ) …this will give you a discounted subscription for a years membership on the imaginal Portal!

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