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navigating the website>

How to return to the website home page>

Simply click on the imaginalCollective logo, found at the top-center of most pages, to return our home page.

The main Site Map menu>

The main site menu allows you to access almost any page on our website and is divided into three individual menus, the Main Site Map, Your Personal Links and Your Favourites, which are all described below…

How to open the main site menu…

Open the main site map menu by clicking on the icon (three stacked lines) in the top right corner of any page. 

Clicking on the background of any page closes it.

The Main Site Map menu…

The first menu that opens by default is the Main Site Map which is basically a nested list of all pages on our website.

Your Personal Links menu…

The second menu that opens by clicking on the user icon (at the top of the menu) is the Your Personal Links menu which holds a useful list of pages associated with managing your account and profile, including notifications and messages.

Your Favourites menu…

The third menu that opens by clicking on the star icon (at the top of the menu) is ‘Your Favourites’ menu which enables you to favourite any page that you are currently on by clicking on the ‘add page to favourites‘ link. Once a page has been added it will appear in your list of favourites. Simply click on any link in your list to go straight to that page.

Click on an orange cross icon to remove a favourite from your list.

Also, clicking on a yellow arrow icon next to a favourite will make that page your default go-to page every time you subsequently login to the imaginal collective.


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